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Dependency & Impact Metrics Category Sub-category 1 Sub-category 2 Indicator – illustrative Example
Impact drivers Land/water/sea use change Terrestrial ecosystem use Extent of land converted
Freshwater ecosystem use Extent of freshwater area converted
Marine ecosystem use Extent of marine area converted
Pollution Non-GHG air pollutants Volume of non-GHG air pollutants released
Soil pollutants Volume of soil pollutants released
Water pollutants Volume of water discharged
Solid waste Hazardous waste generated
Resource use Water use/replenishment Volume of water consumption
Other resource use/replenishment Use of natural resources
Climate change Greenhouse gas emissions/carbon storage, sequestration and removal Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
Invasive species and other Biological alterations Level of invasive species in area
Disturbances Level of noise pollution
State of nature Ecosystems Extent Habitat/land cover
Condition – minimum of compositional state Species richness
Species (if material) Population Species abundance
Extinction risk Species threat abatement restoration
Ecosystem services Provisioning Biomass provisioning, including genetic material Weight of provisioned assets
Water supply (including drinking water) Volume of water withdrawn
Regulation Water purification and/or water flow regulation/maintenance Amount of water flow regulated
Soil quality regulation, soil and sediment retention or solid waste remediation Tonnes of soil retained
Pollination, pest/disease control, nursery population or habitat maintenance Area of habitat providing services
Flood or storm mitigation, noise attenuation other regulating services Number of properties in low risk categories
Global or local climate regulation, rainfall pattern regulation, air filtration Tonnes of GHG retained
Cultural Recreation, visual amenity, scientific and education or spiritual/artistic/symbolic Number of visits for cultural purposes