Should you wish to read information on the TNFD framework offline, you can download relevant documents below.

Version v0.2 Beta Release June 2022

The TNFD framework beta v0.2

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Additional draft guidance for corporates on the ‘Evaluate’ Phase of the TNFD’s LEAP Approach for Dependency and Impact Analysis

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Additional draft guidance on the Locate Phase of the TNFD’s LEAP Approach for Priority Location Identification’ (L2 and L3)

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Piloting Guide

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Version v0.1 Beta Release March 2022

The TNFD framework beta v0.1

The TNFD Nature-related Risk & Opportunity Management and Disclosure Framework.

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Data Discussion Paper

This discussion paper maps the landscape of data platforms and sources, and includes two case studies of how data and analytics can be used in the TNFD’s proposed nature-related risk and opportunity assessment approach. One of the case studies was updated for v0.2 of the TNFD beta framework.

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