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Practical steps for piloting

Guidance for individual and TNFD Forum pilots

  • Create a profile on the beta framework online platform.
  • Familiarise yourself and your organisation with the TNFD framework, including:
  • Develop a pilot concept note defining:
    • Pilot purpose and expected outcomes
    • The scope of your proposed pilot
    • The aspects of the TNFD framework that will be tested
    • Resource allocation and commitments
    • Organisations or third-party experts that will be engaged in the pilot
    • When and how feedback will be provided to the TNFD to support development of the framework
  • Classify your pilot (optional but encouraged)
  • Carry out the pilot and integrate learnings
  • Provide feedback to the TNFD
    • Provide feedback through the TNFD online platform and fill out the pilot feedback survey provided by the TNFD.
    • Join and actively participate in the TNFD Forum to share insights from your pilot test.
    • Engage in other defined feedback mechanisms (as agreed).
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