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Ways to pilot test: Three-tiered approach


The TNFD Secretariat has developed a three-tiered approach to encourage and support pilot testers.

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A. Independent pilot testing

The TNFD framework online platform is designed to enable organisations everywhere to undertake their own independent and self-guided, self-paced testing of the beta framework. The online platform is updated with additional guidance at the time of each beta release to support independent pilot testers. This includes additional information on tools, metrics, targets and data to apply the framework.

Independent pilot testers can provide feedback online on key priority questions and technical areas that the Taskforce will set out in advance of each release.

Collaborative pilot testing

The TNFD encourages pilot testers to consider testing the framework in collaboration with others. This might include, for example, a financial institution and an investee company undertaking a pilot test together. Collaborative testing with industry peers through industry associations or other convening organisations might also be considered, including the pilot test programs organised by TNFD’s piloting partners and outlined on our website. Collaborative feedback is also encouraged to support independent pilot testing.

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Case Studies

Examples of collaborative pilot testing

TNFD-supported pilot example: Palm oil in Southeast Asia

Global Canopy convened a small group of organisations to undertake a desktop review of the first beta version of the TNFD framework v0.1. The pilot focused on organisations that operate within, or invest in, palm oil supply chains.

Participants were walked through the recommendations laid out in the beta framework across the three core components of the framework: TNFD’s definitions for understanding nature, draft disclosure recommendations and the LEAP approach for assessing nature-related risks and opportunities. For LEAP, its official components were presented with additional relevant examples, metrics, tools and data sources.

Participants were then asked to complete questionnaires to gather feedback on the clarity and coherence of concepts, the readiness of their organisations to assess and disclose nature-related risks and opportunities, and their recommendations for the TNFD on how to further develop the framework.

A detailed summary of high-level lessons learned and recommendations from the pilot will be available in July 2022.

TCFD pilot testing example: Storebrand and Equinor

This collaborative evaluation of the TCFD framework by Storebrand and Equinor provides an example of the insights that can be generated by working in partnership with others through collaborative pilot testing.

B. Pilot testing by TNFD Forum member organisations

For pilot testers that are TNFD Forum member organisations, the TNFD Secretariat will provide limited technical support and community learning opportunities to enable Forum members to share perspectives and insights gained from pilot testing experiences. This will take the form of:

  • Online webinars for each beta release of the TNFD framework, providing details on the new components and revisions.
  • Focus groups to share learning and insights on key aspects of the beta framework, based on feedback from pilot testers; and
  • Online engagement initiatives to address specific technical issues of shared interest.

Access to these shared learning opportunities for Forum member organisations will be provided globally. Focus groups may also be run at a national level through TNFD Consultation Groups, where they exist.

C. TNFD-supported pilot partner programs

Structured pilot testing programmes are being established with a small number of partners with the expertise and resources to manage a portfolio of pilot tests on behalf of the TNFD.

The TNFD has established pilot testing program partnerships with initial five organisations to support the TNFD with the testing of the beta framework across geographies, key sectors and supply chains:

  • UNEP FI.
  • the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).
  • FSD Africa.
  • Global Canopy; and
  • the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM).

The TNFD will continue to explore additional piloting partner programmes to ensure that comprehensive testing of the beta framework is undertaken across sectors, geographies, biomes and supply chains.

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