The TNFD will continue to revise the beta framework based on ongoing feedback from market participants and insights from pilot testing until v1.0 of the TNFD framework launches in September 2023. The Taskforce aims for v0.4 of the beta framework in March 2023, the final prototype of the beta framework that will be released, to be a complete and coherent representation of the framework to allow market participants to provide feedback before the deadline for feedback and the conclusion of pilot testing on 1 June 2023.

The highest priorities for the Taskforce’s work in the next phase of framework development before the v0.4 release in March 2023 are:

  • Additional guidance on metrics and targets, specifically on the Taskforce’s proposed Disclosure Metrics, as well as additional details on Assessment Metrics;
  • Further guidance on target-setting developed with the SBTN and others;
  • Release of draft additional guidance by sector and realm and biome;
  • Draft guidance on scenarios, developed in collaboration with a range of knowledge partners, including the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS), and with the benefit of feedback from the scenarios discussion paper issued as part of this v0.3 release;
  • Draft guidance on stakeholder, including rights-holder engagement, developed with the benefit of feedback on the social considerations discussion paper issued as part of this v0.3 release; and
  • Publication of a set of illustrative use cases, case studies and examples of the TNFD framework, across non-financial and financial sectors, including illustrative disclosures.