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This v0.4 beta framework represents a full and final draft of the core elements of the TNFD framework. The Taskforce invites ongoing feedback from market participants and insights from pilot testing until 1 June 2023. It is on track to publish its final recommendations and v1.0 of the TNFD framework in September 2023.

The highest priorities for the Taskforce’s work in the final phase of preparing its final recommendations for publication in September 2023 are:

  • Further development of additional guidance by sector and biome, including the identification of core sector disclosure indicators and metrics;
  • Continuing to collate, analyse and learn from feedback on the beta framework, including nearly 200 pilot tests;
  • Development of case studies and use cases, including illustrative TNFD disclosures, to help users to interpret and apply the framework by learning from practical examples;
  • Refining the beta framework based on a review of audit and assurance considerations;
  • Further development of the scenarios guidance and toolkit, to include financial institutions, based on insights from further pilot testing;
  • Consideration of the need for TNFD guidance on transition plans, both for nature within net zero transition plans and transition plans to achieve nature positive goals and targets;
  • Development of guidance on linkages between climate and nature, with a focus on how to practical insights for developing nature-related disclosures building from existing climate disclosures based on the TCFD framework.