General Feedback

To provide feedback on the TNFD beta framework, you can:

  1. complete the General Feedback Form below to provide general feedback on the TNFD beta framework (user profile log in required).
  2. complete the v0.2 Feedback Form to provide feedback on the new content added in v0.2 of the TNFD beta framework (user profile log in required).

If you prefer to send your feedback on the framework via email, please send it to: [email protected]
If you are interested in piloting the framework, see more information in the TNFD piloting guide.

For your feedback on v0.2 to be considered ahead of the release of v0.3, please submit your feedback by 23 September 2022.  The TNFD’s open consultation period will continue until 1 June 2023. (See table for deadlines for feedback on each iteration).

Please log in to your user profile to provide us with feedback. User profiles allow us to consider your feedback in context of your particular industry and geography.