L4: Identification of priority nature-risk locations by sector, business unit or value chain

Guiding Question: What sectors, business units, value chains or asset classes are interfacing with nature in these priority locations?

Identify priority locations by sector, business or value chain

Organisations are encouraged to identify their priority locations by sector, business or value chain. It is particularly important to assess any concentration of nature-related risks and opportunities across these three dimensions (as well as any concentration by geography) in order to determine the potential material risks and opportunities for business continuity, revenues, cashflow and enterprise value.

Each organisation will have its own internal reporting framework by geography, sector, business unit and value chain. This early identification of priority nature-related risk and opportunity locations should be aligned with that enterprise risk management framework for the business.

Useful Tools and Platforms

The following tools and platforms have been carefully selected by the TNFD to help support you in completing this phase of the LEAP process.

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