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Building on insights from the Nature-related Data Catalyst, the TNFD has created a beta version of an online searchable Tools Catalogue that provides an overview of tools that organisations can use to apply each phase of the LEAP approach. The Catalogue will continue to be updated over time.

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Biodiversity Indicators for Site-based Impacts (BISI) or Biodiversity Indicator for Extractive Companies Live

An assessment/guidance of needs, current practices and potential indicator models, and a tool that provides a robust and repeatable methodology for selecting biodiversity indicators, including a structured approach to use these indicators for…

The Biodiversity Footprint Calculator (PLANSUP) Live

Companies can use this tool to test the effectiveness of presumed biodiversity friendly measures and assess both the current and future biodiversity footprint of a company’s product at the landscape level.

WWF Water Risk Filter Live

Assess and respond to your water risks for enhancing resilience

Corporate and portfolio-level screening tool to help companies and investors to prioritise action on what…

Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) Live

The Water Evaluation and Planning system, or WEAP, aims to incorporate the interrelated issues of water supply, demand, quality, and ecology into a practical yet robust tool for integrated water resources planning. WEAP provides a system for…

Bioscope Live

Determine the impact of a company’s supply chain on biodiversity, visualised on a world map. BioScope was developed for the assessment of supply chains and financial products, and gives you clear, actionable information.

WaterWorld Live

A scenario testing tool for the development and implementation of land and water related policies for sites and regions globally. The tool can help understand the hydrological and water resources baseline and water risk factors associated with…

Accounting for Natural Climate Solutions Live

A methodology to measure GHG emissions from land, forests, and soils across the supply chain to be embedded in corporate and product footprints, which can be used for science-based climate target setting efforts. Includes detailed information on the…

SoilGrids Live

Global soil profile information and covariate data to model the spatial distribution of soil properties across the globe.

Biodiversity Impact Metric (CISL) Live

The Biodiversity Integrated Assessment and Computation Tool (B-INTACT) can be used to assess and track how sourcing affects nature through biodiversity loss as a result of land and habitat transformation for agricultural production and land use…